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CompView Medical Press Releases

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CompView Medical Receives General Services Administration Number -- NuBOOM, DOCS Now Available Through Federal Supply Service Schedules

Beaverton, Ore. – (October 9, 2006) -- CompView Medical, a leading provider of integrated audio-visual systems for healthcare environments, today announced that the company has received a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) number, which allows them to provide products to U.S. government buyers on a GSA schedule contract. The GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS) schedule contract number is V797P - 4969a, and is effective Nov. 1, 2006 through Oct. 1, 2011.

Products available include CompView Medical's NuBOOM, a surgical boom that transforms outmoded general surgery operating rooms into modern MIS suites that improve patient care, staff safety and proper ergonomic visualization for the surgical team. NuBOOM provides the only floor-mounted system available, requiring no ceiling reinforcement during installation. The system also installs in less than three days and can be easily relocated. This mobility alone will open up large opportunities for the military or temporary-based units, while at the same time providing modernization for their MIS procedures. Digital Operating Control System (DOCS) provides visual connectivity to the patient's surgical images and electronic records.

"We are excited to expand the availability of our products to the government through this GSA contract," said Paul White, founder and president of CompView Medical. "Our NuBOOM® and DOCS™ products are a smart and affordable option for operating room upgrades, especially at this critical time with so many veterans returning from war that require special medical attention. The FSS contract will provide VA hospitals an opportunity to quickly upgrade their OR's."

GSA's electronic online shopping system of items in the GSA schedules program is accessible via the Web site www.gsaadvantage.gov. The GSA FSS Schedules provide millions of state of the art high quality commercial services and products at volume discount pricing on a direct delivery basis. They offer benefits of shorter lead times, reduced inventories, opportunities for agencies to meet small business goals while promoting compliance with various environmental and socio-economic laws and regulations.

CompView Medical entered into the MIS market in 2005 seizing as its opportunity the need to bring better ergonomics and MIS visualization technologies into the OR. NuBOOM and DOCS directly challenge industry standards on a number of levels. Installation of boom systems can exceed 30 days and generally require some degree of remodeling, while NuBOOM installs in less than three days with no remodeling. NuBOOM delivers MIS suite capability at one fourth of the cost associated with upgrading OR suites with ceiling mounted booms, because there is no requirement for overhead structural work.

About CompView Medical
Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical (www.compviewmedical.com) is a private company specializing in the design and integration of audio-visual systems with proven success for healthcare environments including ORs, exam rooms and medical consultation areas. CompView Medical is built upon its parent company's nearly 20 years of technology expertise specializing in systems integration and group communication within the rapidly emerging audio visual and group medical communications marketplace.



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