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CompView Medical Press Releases

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COMPVIEW MEDICAL LAUNCHES NuBOOM®-HD: Product Innovation Meets Growing Demand for Highest Resolution, High Definition Endoscopic Images

Beaverton, Ore. - (February 14, 2007) - At the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in San Diego, Calif, today, CompView Medical announced the release of its latest product, NuBOOM®-HD (booth #3612). The product is the only all-in-one equipment management and video visualization system that delivers four fully adjustable high definition (HD) monitors around the operating room table. The system provides surgeons and members of the operating room (OR) staff ergonomically-sound viewing angles of high quality images from anywhere within the operating field.

"We are excited to once again, lead the industry with a state-of-the-art visualization system that takes full advantage of the newer high definition endoscopic cameras now becoming available to surgeons," said Paul White, President and founder, CompView Medical. "With NuBOOM's simple user interface and the ability to upgrade an OR in two days, this addition of high definition imaging only builds on our value proposition. The NuBOOM is expected to become the industry leader in HD."

Value to Hospitals' Capital Equipment Budgets
"The beauty of the NuBOOM system is that not only is it cost effective to purchase and install, it is also fully upgradeable from one configuration to another," said Bob Ferguson, Vice President of CompView Medical. "This should be a welcome relief to hospital's capital equipment budget. Not many companies can say that a capital investment will not become obsolete."

The NuBOOM system is available with either 19" (1280x1024) monitors or the newer 23" widescreen format (1920x1200) monitors.

The modern OR environment seeks a higher definition camera solution. Yet most, if not all, ORs still have a wide selection of equipment providing images that are not high definition. The NuBOOM system accommodates all sources, whether composite, S Video, VGA, DVI or the new HD (1080i) providing the highest quality signals that each piece of equipment can produce to the monitors.

"Even a good quality S-Video camera can provide great images if the video integration system treats that signal with respect," said Ferguson. "This product introduction further confirms the company's leadership in helping hospitals upgrade their minimally invasive surgery visualization capability through image quality, unprecedented speed of installation and reduced systemic costs."

CompView Medical's Inimitable Audio Visual Expertise
With a 20-year proven track record of providing leading audio video integration systems, CompView Medical's audio visual expertise is unrivalled in the medical visualization field. While the company's existing products offer tremendous value and optical clarity, the new electronic architecture incorporated into the NuBOOM offers broadcast studio quality images in a robust and reliable design.

"Endoscopic camera manufacturers are evolving their products to take advantage of ever higher camera and display resolutions and we've been successful in bringing high definition into non-operating room environments for several years," said White. "It's a natural progression to leverage our expertise in the OR. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure ORs operate more efficiently and effectively by providing an environment that is more ergonomic for the skilled OR personnel, which ultimately leads to improved patient care and safety."

CompView Medical's History
CompView Medical entered the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) market in 2005, seizing the opportunity and need for better ergonomics and MIS visualization technologies in the OR. The group's two primary products, NuBOOM® and DOCS™, directly challenge industry standards on a number of levels. Installation of boom systems generally exceeded 30 days and required a degree of remodeling, while NuBOOM is typically installed in less than two days with no remodeling. NuBOOM delivers MIS suite capability at one-half of the cost associated with upgrading OR suites with ceiling mounted booms because there is no requirement for overhead structural work.

About CompView Medical
Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical (www.compviewmedical.com) is a private LLC specializing in the design and integration of audio-visual systems with proven success for healthcare environments including ORs, exam rooms and medical consultation areas. CompView Medical is built upon its parent company's nearly 20 years of technology expertise specializing in systems integration and group communication within the rapidly emerging audio visual and group medical communications marketplace.


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