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CompView Medical Press Releases

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California’s more than 470 hospitals now have a more efficient, floor mounted option when upgrading operating rooms to meet state seismic safety requirements

BEAVERTON, ORE. (May 2, 2006) - CompView Medical, a leading provider of integrated audio-visual systems for medical environments, today announced that its industry leading product, NuBOOM, has received product pre-approval (OPA # 0860) for meeting California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development's (OSHPD) new seismic safety regulations for earthquake safety in the operating room (OR). NuBOOM is now a highly compelling alternative to older technologies secured to the ceiling of an OR for the state's approximately 470 general acute care hospital facilities requiring seismic upgrade by 2013. This announcement also opens the company up to greater growth and geographic penetration than anticipated for 2006.

NuBOOM provides a unique combination of benefits currently unavailable in the California market. Until now, there has been no OSHPD-approved surgical boom system that makes it as easy for hospitals to increase staff safety, introduce better ergonomic working conditions for surgeons and improve surgical outcomes through enhanced visualization technology. This is all possible because NuBOOM provides the only floor-mounted option available, which means that the system requires no ceiling reinforcement during installation. The system also installs in less than three days, which sharply contrasts the 60- to 90-plus days needed to install competitors' ceiling-mounted products, and comes in at one-fourth the cost of its OSHPD-approved counterparts.

“Many OR’s in California are in a “Catch 22” situation – they either cannot afford to undertake a major OR improvement project; or, if they can afford it, may not be able to proceed because they cannot absorb the downtime caused by remodeling and other factors such as infection control risks,” said Paul White, CompView Medical’s founder and president. “CompView is uniquely positioned to mitigate every one of these ‘Catch 22’ situations, which make us a highly attractive alternative and line us up well for some of the $10 billion currently being spent in California on hospital planning and construction.”

NuBOOM’s time and cost efficiencies have spurred intense interest from surgeons, nurses, and hospital administrators utilizing the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) visualization technologies in the past year. NuBOOM sets the industry standard for efficiencies in upgrading general surgery OR’s to modern MIS suites.

California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development’s (OSHPD)

In 1973, California instituted the Alquist Act two years after the deadly Symlar earthquake. Under OSHPD’s direction, this seismic safety building standards program, along with SB 1953, an amendment to the original act, established new earthquake-resistant regulations for hospitals built on or after March 7, 1963. These policies were established to bring the issue of earthquake survivability for hospitals, both structural and nonstructural, to light. OSHPD’s primary focus is for the state of California to have hospitals that can not only survive an earthquake, but also continue to operate and provide acute care immediately after an earthquake.

“NuBOOM met OSHPD standards and received approval mainly due to its floor-mounted design, which I believe is the best option for California hospitals seeking new OR solutions,” said Dennis O’Toole, AIA, a 35-year veteran architect specializing in healthcare architecture. “Beyond cost and installation efficiencies, this design provides safer, more ergonomic, working conditions for healthcare workers and their patients. It’s a win-win across the board.”

About CompView Medical

Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical, a private, wholly owned subsidiary of CompView Inc., specializes in the design and integration of audio-visual systems with proven success for medical environments including operating rooms, exam rooms and medical consultation areas. CompView Medical is built upon its parent company’s nearly 20 years of technology expertise specializing in systems integration and group communication within the rapidly emerging audiovisual and group medical communications marketplace.


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