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CompView Medical Press Releases

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Poudre Valley Hospital (CO) Installs Two NuBOOMs, DOCS A/V System to Upgrade ORs

Beaverton, Ore. – (September 6, 2006) - CompView Medical, a leading provider of integrated audio-visual systems for healthcare environments, today announced the completion of three OR upgrades in less than 48 hours at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colo. Completion of this ambitious project further confirms the company’s mounting growth and geographic penetration, as well as its industry leadership in expeditiously converting operating rooms (ORs) to Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) suites, through unprecedented speed of installation and pricing.

In less than two days, CompView Medical installed two NuBOOMs and the DOCS A/V system in a third OR equipped with traditional ceiling boom systems, enabling Poudre Valley Hospital to avoid disruption and maintain their busy OR schedule.

“Our busy OR workload did not allow for extended remodeling downtime, making efficient execution a must,” said Steve Stout, Surgical Services Business Associate at Poudre Valley Hospital. “CompView Medical’s installation team was one of the best I have ever worked with on a project this big. The video images are outstanding.” Regarding the DOCS A/V software, Stout stated, “It is very simple and easy to use, and lowers the learning curve for the nurses.”

“CompView Medical’s three-peat at Poudre Valley Hospital is indicative of our energy and passion to improve ORs everywhere,” said Paul White, founder and president of CompView Medical. “We want to make ORs better for every person that works in one. Solving customer problems like those at Poudre Valley’s make our mission enjoyable.”

NuBOOM transforms outmoded general surgery operating rooms into modern MIS suites that improve patient and staff safety. For the surgeon, NuBOOM enhances physical, cognitive, and perceptive ergonomics during MIS operations. NuBOOM includes DOCS, CompView Medical’s A/V software. DOCS provides visual connectivity to the patient’s surgical images and electronic records. DOCS can also be purchased and installed independently of NuBOOM, as was the case in one of the three ORs at Poudre Valley Hospital. These installations are the first to be completed in Colorado and lead future installations slated within the next 30 days for healthcare facilities from Florida to California.

Poudre Valley Hospital, which has a progression of operating rooms built in various sizes over the last 30 years, is similar to many hospitals currently adapting to the shift from “open surgery” to MIS. Many of their operating rooms were designed and built to accommodate the patient and surgical staff, but lack the space to efficiently house the plethora of modern diagnostic and therapeutic instruments used in MIS today. The influx of MIS equipment has robbed ORs of working space, making the remaining space crowded and in-efficient for the surgical staff. Advancing with progress in medical instrumentation are requirements for better visualization. This decade’s operating room staff has access to visualization instrumentation that improves patient outcomes, lessens their recovery time, and increases safety, but these advances can only be realized with video technology that improves staff perception and awareness.

Poudre Valley Hospital needed a way to bridge their space and visualization limitations posed by older OR designs to today’s technologies. After investigation of alternate approaches to upgrading his existing ORs, Stout selected NuBOOM for two operating rooms because the unique design did not require expensive ceiling reinforcement. Stout reasoned that investment in permanent ceiling reinforcement required for alternate equipment management and visualization systems would have been illogical, given that he was about to initiate planning for a major facility expansion that could make the those investments obsolete within a couple of years.

“NuBOOM is a readily deployable asset that helps us to provide modern visualization technology to our MIS surgeons,” said Stout. “It efficiently consolidates MIS equipment where it is most needed and helps us to recapture lost space and eliminates trip hazards. I will be able to re-install the NuBOOMs in new locations as we undergo changes in our department’s space requirements.”

Stout and the hospital saved money by repurposing monitor arm mounts that were formerly used, and now redundant due to the NuBOOM installations.

“I chose to invest in enhancing a ceiling boom system with an additional LCD monitor and also installed a 40” LCD in one of my larger ORs,” Stout stated. “CompView Medical’s DOCS system works with all of our existing medical equipment and the ceiling boom.”

CompView Medical entered into the MIS market in 2005 seizing as its opportunity the need to bring better ergonomics and MIS visualization technologies into the OR. NuBOOM and DOCS directly challenge industry standards on a number of levels. Installation of boom systems exceeded 30 days at a time and generally required some degree of remodeling, while NuBOOM installed in less than three days with no remodeling. NuBOOM delivers MIS suite capability at one fourth of the cost associated with upgrading OR suites with ceiling mounted booms because there is no requirement for overhead structural work.

About CompView Medical
Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical (www.compviewmedical.com) is a private LLC specializing in the design and integration of audio-visual systems with proven success for healthcare environments including ORs, exam rooms and medical consultation areas. CompView Medical is built upon its parent company’s nearly 20 years of technology expertise specializing in systems integration and group communication within the rapidly emerging audio visual and group medical communications marketplace.

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