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Surgeon Testimonials

  • Probably #1 would be allowing the equipment to come off the floor unlike the free standing, roll away carts we used to have.

    –Dr. Daniel Tseng

Installed in just 2 days, the NuBOOM can vastly improve your working conditions and provide you with a flexible OR that can be scheduled for a wider range of cases. NuBOOM, the first all-in-one equipment management, visualization, and ergonomic boom appliance, benefits surgeons by improving visualization and physical ergonomics. It helps you attain a more comfortable posture because video display placement is so adjustable. NuBOOM provides you freedom of movement by removing cords from the floor and cart clutter. DOCS, the touchscreen controlled visualization system, allows display of video and other imaging modalities, PACS, and other patient data. Room to room audio/video conferencing is an available option.

"The NuBoom system is fantastic. I feel as though we have gone from Model T to a Rolls Royce in one day. No cords all over the floor, multiple viewing screens for the camera or fluoro, viewing the working field straight on without craning of necks, much easier to place the stent ante grade, etc etc etc. The safety factor, no cords on the floor, alone makes it worth while."

Eugene F. Fuchs, MD | Professor Surgery, Urology – Oregon Health Sciences University

"It's wonderful. It is easy to use, the screens are easy to move, the image is good, and I'm in heaven. I did 2 percs on Thursday and my neck doesn't hurt at all. I've volunteered to film the infomercial."

Michael Conlin, MD, FACS | Associate Professor, Urology – Oregon Health Sciences University

"The NuBOOM has provided an ergonomic advantage in the OR where towers previously crowded the procedure area. The monitors are flexible for more precise placement and provide for a faster, simpler set up. By removing cumbersome towers, cases have become more efficient, improving our turn over time."

Daniel Tseng, MD | General Surgery, Laparoscopic – Surgical Associates, P.C.

"NuBOOM shortens case time. It took us about an hour to do a supercervical, which is a lot less than normal. Having monitors we can move to numerous positions as the surgeon dictates is a tremendous advantage. Ergonomically it's a considerable saving for the nurses, surgeons, really everyone."

Michael Collins, MD | Surgeon – Portland Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates

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