The NuBOOM S is our latest all-in-one equipment management, visualization, and ergonomic boom appliance. The NuBOOM S is the most affordable system to upgrade operating rooms in ASCs, office based-surgery centers, and hospital procedure rooms. Installing in less than a day, it helps entrepreneurial surgery enterprises avoid costly renovation downtime. Because it is “furniture-like” instead of built-in ceiling infrastructure, it can be relocated as space needs change or the leasehold expires. The simplified installation process can save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Easily positioned displays with durable handle

Spring arms rotate and elevate displays for comfortable viewing ergonomics

Choose images to be displayed via on-screen buttons

Lightweight, easily movable display booms

Visualization system is enclosed within cabinet, saving space elsewhere in the OR

3rd boom mounting socket atop cabinet for surgical luminaires or radiation safety shields

Floor anchoring saves time and expense

GCX Accessory channel mounting points on side panels

Pivoting shelves. Up to 6 may be installed

Soft Rubber bumpers on shelf edges

System may be plumbed for gases (valves not included as-shipped)

Pre-wired for 10 electrical receptacles for customer’s equipment

Data Input panels for mobile imaging equipment

Blank junction boxes if hospital wants to field wire more receptacles

Bracket attachment points on shelves for accessories like cylinder baskets