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2015 ESP Winner





Sometimes, it’s just easier to have things on wheels!

Introducing the mobile version of the NuBOOM®, the world’s first all-in-one integrated equipment manager, visualization and boom system. The NuCART® displays up to 4 bright, crisp images on high definition medical grade displays that are compatible with signals from surgical video cameras, PACS, fluoroscopy, ultrasound... Because it is mounted on wheels, the system can be rolled wherever it is needed.

The NuCART replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers and is a more cost effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms. The best-in-class reach of the arms provides excellent ergonomically comfortable viewing zones on either side of the patient. The long booms can help alleviate tower clutter around the patient because of their 7'+ reach. The spacious shelvves help consolidate equipment into a single footprint-saving floor space.

All-inclusive “No-Nonsense Warranty”

NuCART's warranty is tailored to keep things simple for you and maximize uptime. We provide advance replacement of the tablet or cart hardware. Labor is also provided at no additional cost, if a factory trained technician is required.

The duration of our “No-Nonsense Warranty” is two years, with additional year long extensions available.

Medical-grade power conditioner for 8 circuits (120VAC, 10A available)

Displays can be raised above booms (not shown in this photo)

Stunning 7' 5" reach between cart face and display, enabling 54" of space between the cart and the surgical table mid-line, while positioning display on opposite side of OR table

Center of display may be positioned 43"-87" above the floor

24" LED medical displays

Sturdy pushing handle

GCX channel for accessories. Cylinder basket is not shown.

Optional: Casterguards™ (not shown)

Wheels tuck under base to remove trip hazard

Locking casters

Shelves - 4 Standard, 5 Optional

Shelf capacity 30 lbs.

Cable ducts conceal wires

Open back allows you to see while you push the handle


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