NuBOOM Family:

Simple, efficient, cost-effective: reducing clutter, improving visualization and surgeon ergonomics.

  • The NuBOOM® and NuCART® can save hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, in hospital construction costs and lost revenue –compared to traditional demolition and construction techniques.
  • NuBOOM is normally installed in just 2 days! NuCART just wheels in!
  • NuBOOM and NuCART provides high definition surgical images on the most adjustable overhead suspension system.
  • Transparent radiation shield option on NuBOOM models to help prevent radiation scatter above the OR table. It provides supplemental protection for eyes, pituitary, thalamus and thyroid.
  • NuBOOM and NuCART eliminates the need to modify the OR ceiling in order to suspend surgical lights, display booms, equipment managers, and radiation shields.
  • NuBOOM eliminates cart clutter and cords from the OR floor.


  • NuBOOM saved us about $25K/day in lost revenue.

    – Melody Montgomery,
    Perioperative Director

  • Through feasibility studies, it was determined that the building was not engineered structurally to sustain a ceiling mounted system and it was going to cost $2.5M.

    – Col. Thomas DeBerardino MD,



NuBOOM S for ASC and office based surgery centers



NuCART, achieve ceiling boom reach from a wheeled platform