The new U-Series NuBOOM® is the most advanced system to upgrade outdated ORs. The U-Series NuBOOM is our latest all-in-one equipment management, visualization, and ergonomic boom appliance. It can be easily installed in operating rooms at a fixed cost, in 2 days, minimizing costly architectural pre-planning and construction to deliver modern OR efficiency without penalizing your department's financial bottom line.

Created by an award winning designer, the U-Series NuBOOM is the refinement of a proven design - the original NuBOOM® - which has been installed in hundreds of ORs worldwide. Precision bearings in boom joints now make it "fingertip easy" to reposition monitors as your case progresses. The primary booms' optimal friction stack design eliminates problematic drift common with ceiling suspended arms. Moveable shelves add flexibility to the type of cases that can be conducted in the room as well as facilitating better patient access and staff movement. Every surface has been streamlined and slimmed to make cleaning and disinfection easier for faster OR turnaround time.

The NuBOOM uses Compview Medical's simple but powerful visualization system-DOCS. DOCS is compatible with surgical video and other imaging modalities, as well as PACS and computer data. Four 26" high brightness LED medical grade monitors are mounted on adjustable spring arms that can be positioned for ergonomically comfortable viewing.

In an era of ever tightening economics, the NuBOOM is a proven, cost effective tool for upgrading MIS ORs to increase scheduling flexibility, eliminate clutter, and improve ergonomic comfort. NuBOOM is compatible with low ceiling heights that prohibit upgrades from the ceiling. Avoid construction costs, lost revenue and disruption by thinking a Nu way!

26" 1920 X 1200

HD high bright medical grade monitors


Can be stored up and out of the way

Moveable Equipment Shelves

Increase the flexibility of the system for procedures "head to foot"

Low Ceiling Height Compatible

Installs where ceiling suspended systems cannot


Conceals service connections between NuBOOM and interstitial space


for DOCS Visualization System


Video conferencing speaker location

Equipment Rails

For mounting shelves and accessories


Equipped with precision bearings. Monitor arms rotate and swivel through 6 axis of motion for comfortable monitor positioning

15 Input Capability

To display multiple surgical cameras, imaging modalities, PACS, or PC network data


Embedded in column

Electrical Outlets

Embedded within cabinet

Mounts to OR Floor

Saves thousands in renovation costs compared to ceiling suspended systems

Accessory Rails

Accessories can mount on rails


Lower for comfortable viewing while sitting or standing


Wires and connectors concealed for cleanability and connection integrity



  • This was literally put in over a weekend, so there was absolutely no down time for this OR.

    - Dr. Michael Conlin

  • We don't have tired necks, tired backs, fatigue from working, because we set the monitors in an ergonomically ideal position.

    - Dr. Eugene F. Fuchs

  • Improves patient care dramatically. The resolution on the flat screens is remarkable.

    - Dwayne Fox

  • This is so easy because it's really user friendly, that's what I like about it. It took like two minutes to learn.

    - Doris Teubel

  • I've been thrilled with the NuBOOM, I think it fits where nothing else has before.

    - Melody Montgommery


Created by an award winning industrial designer, The U-Series NuBOOM is a sophisticated beauty that modernizes the appearance and the functionality of operating rooms. Enjoy these detail photographs.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Safety


    Cabinet space, shelf space and electrical inputs efficiently house your medical and video equipment keeping cords off the floor to improve safety.

  • 2-day Install


    No ceiling reinforcement or remodeling required. Proven, fast installation procedure using our Perfect Placement methodology.

  • Better Ergonomics

    Better Ergonomics

    Best-in-class, 6-axis positioning of up to four boom monitors at the operating field.

  • Low Ceiling Height

    Low Ceiling

    NuBOOM excels in low ceiling height applications.